Motor cortex hemodynamic monitoring while walking? Take a look on SPIE Neurophotonics!


“For the first time to our knowledge, the hemodynamic motor cortex response was measured by TD fNIRS on the human brain during natural, freely walking exercises…” How many more boundaries will be broken thanks to compact TD-NIRS devices? Very interesting results have been published in this new study, made by the researchers of our team! Check it out at: Abstract: Significance: This study is a preliminary step toward

So proud to ship our first instrument…


Just few days before Christmas of PIONIRS’ first year… And we’re ready to ship our first NIRSbox! We spent years developing the best solutions and making our technology accessible to the world. We know that this device will be used for high-level goals, and we are honored to help in making inspiring research.

PIONIRS is here!


Today, PIONIRS is officially born! We are a spin-off company of Politecnico di Milano (Italy), and thanks to a long-lasting collaboration between Fisica – Politecnico di Milano and Dipartimento di Elettronica, Informazione e Bioingegneria we aims at developing the first generation of compact TD-NIRS devices for noninvasive brain monitoring. Stay tuned… something really cool is coming…