The NIRSbox System

PIONIRS unveils the most accurate TD-NIRS instrument available on the market.
The NIRSbox is a compact, dual-wavelength TD-NIRS system ideal for investigation and monitoring of optical features in biological media. It encloses more than 20 years of research on Diffuse Optics and Single-photon Counting, with tailored electronics and optical components.


Designed to be a “plug-and-play” solution, all our efforts are devoted to making TD-NIRS broadly accessible to the world, while keeping the highest performances.


The device features high precision, fast laser calibration, negligible warm-up time and outstanding measurement stability.

PIONIRS software gives access to different levels of complexity, for either retrieving the raw photon Distribution of Time-of-flight (DTOF) or easily acquiring real-time human functional information like absolute hemoglobin concentration and tissue oxygen saturation.

PIONIRS accessories make the NIRSbox adaptable to a vast variety of applications, empowering paramount research around the world. Ranging from recording cerebral functional activation to long-term monitoring of brain and muscles hemodynamics.


< 1% variation over more than 14 hours of measurement.


The accuracy has been verified trought the MEDPHOT assesment protocol for DOS systems. Results are in line with state-of-art research grade system.


High reproducibility in retriving optical parameters (μa, μs’) on tissue-mimiking phantoms ( < 2% CV over one month period).

Product intended to be used for research applications only, not sold as medical device. Product not intended to be used for diagnosis or disease treatments. Specifications and data are preliminary and may be subject to changes, to improve function, reliability or design.