NIRSBOX Probes and Accessories

At PIONIRS, we can provide all you need for quick and easy TD-NIRS measurements.


Our probes are fiber-based and are provided along with their specific IRFbox, to enable fast and easy Instrument Response Function acquisition, for more accurate measurements.


S (standard) and B (body) optode families, provide a 90° bend to the laser beam ensuring compact optical probes, while keeping high transmission efficiency and signal quality.


The S1-FC optode is an easy-to-use, fiber-replaceable solution with standard FC fiber connectors. It is optimal for measurements on semi-planar surfaces like muscles and other biological media. Compact, lightweight and durable, it is also available with SMA fiber connectors.

SD separation: 30 mm

Size: 48 mm (W) x 20 mm (L) x 11.3 mm (H)

Flexibility: Medium

Fiber Connectors: 2x FC/PC (wide key), 2.2 mm

Fiber Compatibility: Any (depending on fiber connector)


The B5 optode is your first choice for a plug-and-play solution. It is optimal for in-vivo measurements, also during the most extreme tasks. B5 is the most compact PIONIRS probe, having less than 7 mm thickness.

SD separation: 30 mm

Size: 37.7 mm (W) x 28.5 mm (L) x 6.5 mm (H)

Flexibility: Medium or high, upon request 

Fiber Connectors: FC/PC

Fiber Compatibility: PIONIRS 1-mm core fibers only


Easy and reliable solution to acquire the Instrument Response Function (IRF) of your device. This product is compatible with all probes of the S1 family. 

Probe Compatibility: S1 (FC/PC and SMA)

SD separation: Adaptable (from 20 to 30 mm)

Size: 52 mm (W) x 19.5 mm (L) x 25 mm (H)


The fastest way to acquire the Instrument Response Function (IRF) of your device. This product is compatible with all probes from PIONIRS B5 family.

Probe Compatibility: B5

SD separation: 30 mm

Size: 40.5 mm (W) x 31.5 mm (L) x 21 mm (H)


A solid, reliable and dust-proof tissue-mimiking phantom. Very useful to quickly confirm your measurement results and post-processing algorithms.

Optical parameters: absorption coefficient = 0.1 [1/cm], reduced scattering coefficient = 10 [1/cm] 

Size: 60 mm (diameter) x 43 mm (height)

Core material: optically stable and durable epoxy resin


Our probes and solid phantoms can also be customized and tailored to your specific needs.

Don’t esitate to contact our team to discuss about the best solution for you.


Product intended to be used for research applications only, not sold as medical device. Product not intended to be used for diagnosis or disease treatments. Specifications and data are preliminary and may be subject to changes, to improve function, reliability or design.