Unlock the power of the second detection channel

NIRSBOX2 brings all the advantages of adding a second, fully independent acquisition channel while keeping the same form factor and usability of the standard NIRSBOX device. Maximize the flexibility of your TD-NIRS measurements and the power of your results, either adding a second (short) S/D sistance or simultaneously acquiring data from a second spot, as a control location.

Additional key features

  • Dual fully-independent and parallel detection channels;
  • Enables double-distance TD-NIRS measurements (long and short channels);
  • Suitable for bilateral measurements on the head, or covering a wider area on muscles;
  • Customizable probe solutions.

Product intended to be used for research applications only, not sold as medical device. Product not intended to be used for diagnosis or disease treatments. Specifications and data are preliminary and may be subject to changes, to improve function, reliability or design.