Food and Agriculture

TD-NIRS for food quality and agritech

PIONIRS technology potential does not stop to biomedical applications! Indeed, TD-NIRS can also be succesfully used to non-destructively explore internal properties of any biological tissue, like agri-food products, independently on the status and color of the outside peel.


Our optical measurement results can be correlated with conventional agritech quality parameters (firmness, total soluble solids, acidity) and also detection of internal defects. Development of fruit and canopy sensors, based on innovative photonic technologies, will enable a reliable and non-destructive evaluation of crop quality, directly in the field. This will become of outmost importance for assessing the optimal harvest time, thus supporting new models for efficient use of resources, effective processing of final products and waste reduction, in the direction of fostering precision agriculture.


This technology was (and currently is) tested and validated in several research projects involving universities and research institutions, both in Italy and Europe.

Find more in scientific literature:

Food and agritech applications of TD-NIRS are many, and its potential is still partially unexplored. Take a look at the following scientific articles and, if you want to know more, drop us a message!

An overview of TD-NIRS exploited for the non-destructive assessment of fruit quality.

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Detecting the presence of internal defects in fruits, to deliver high-quality products to customers.

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Dreaming of soft, juicy and high-quality peaches? TD-NIRS helps in find them during harvesting.

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