Food and Agriculture

Non-invasive Optical Quality Assessment

Developing compact optical systems for the non-destructive optical characterization and quality assessment of fruits and vegetables.

PIONIRS‘s laser light can extract information from the inside of fruits and vegetables independently on the state and color of the peel outside. The estimation of the internal chemical and physical property is performed without any kind of contamination.

Retrieved optical properties can be correlated with conventional quality parameters (firmness, total soluble solids, acidity) and with the noninvasive detection of internal defects.

PIONIRS products allow the producer and distributor to know the optimal time for harvest and distribution. Handing the possibility to drastically reduce waste and to offer better food products with certified quality.

Unlike the devices currently on the market, the PIONIRS system uses innovative optical technologies that allow for greater reproducibility and accuracy with rapid measurements, both in the field and on the production line.

Selected Scientific Publications:

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