Delivering Time-Domain NIRS technology to the world

Blood flows into our body, carrying oxygen that is the fuel needed for our muscles and organs to work. Brain oxygenation changes when we move our limbs or when we solve complex problems. Anomalies in blood flow can also suggest dangerous illnesses such as sepsis in newborns and brain strokes.


And there is much more to unveil…


“Thanks to the Time-Domain Near-infrared Spectroscopy technique (TD-NIRS), here at PIONIRS we are developing the next generation of non-invasive devices for tissue oxygenation monitoring, with the aim to better understand the language of our body.”

With a background of more than 20 years of experience in TD-NIRS, we will help you to overcome the challenges that stuck your research. The NIRS world is intricate and your research needs easy access to top technologies whether it has to do with functional neuro-feedback, oxygenation monitoring, or tissue properties analysis.